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Even when Mahajrya is a buddhist tradition, we pay study other 4 Spiritual Masters whose wisdom inspires us in the path of the freedom of suffering and the achievement of Samadhi. Shakyamuni Buddha, Jesus, Krishna, Melkitzedeq, and Maha Vajra. More information
Maha means Great, Jrya means Field therefore MahaJrya means “The Great Field". It’s an esoteric Buddhist tradition which has been adapted to the modern world to give easy access to spirituality to people of today’s modern society.
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Maha Vajra. He is an enlightened spiritual Master with great understanding of different spiritual paths and traditions from oriental to occidental wisdom. He is the founder and MahaAcharya of the Buddhism tradition known as Mahajrya (the “Great Field” of consciousness), also known as Quantum Buddhism Association.

His life

At the age of 4, Melkitzedek himself appeared to Maha. And through consciousness and meditation, Maha was taught all the wisdom related to Kabbalah. Then in his teens, he studied the Hindu path until he was ordained as a Hindu Swami on the Siddha Yoga path in 1998. But he wanted to have a global perspective of spiritual arts. So he went into the Christian and the Buddhist path at the same time. In 2007, he was ordained as a Christian Priest in the LCAC: Liberal Catholic Apostolic Church. And since 2010, he has been a member of the EADM esoteric church: Ecclesia Apostolica Divinorum Mysteriorum. In the Buddhist path he was ordained, in 2007, as an Acharya in the Japanese Hongaku Jodo, a Pure Land tradition. At this moment he went on his own founding the Mahajrya tradition to include the Vajrayana in his teachings. All of this allows him to adapt the wisdom to every crowd he addresses.

He experienced enlightenment at the age of 24, when coming back from meditation during a personal growth seminar he was attending. He sat on the grass outside and he knew that he was the creator of all that he was observing. And he was also all that was created that reached his perception. He was one with everything, as the creator and as what was created at the same time. He looked at people dancing further in the field, close to a cow, and he was the people dancing, as well as the joy that they felt, as well as the cow wondering what it was all about.

Since then, and despite all the judgments about enlightenment, Maha Vajra has never denied or hid his state of enlightenment. Instead, he says it is a way to inspire others, that it is possible and everyone can reach it in this life. This is what has been said so many times by other Masters such as Buddha or even by Jesus when he openly said he was not the only one. And Jesus mentioned that there were many other great Masters and affirmed that there was no greater Master than Saint John Baptist.

Maha Vajra explains that a Spiritual Master is someone that masters himself but never others. So a Spiritual Master never has any kind of authority over others and should be free of the need of admiration and validation. A real Spiritual Master should acknowledge others so they will discover that they are God.

He teaches that there is no way to enlighten if you still consider yourself a “special being” or feel you are better than the others.  The experience of enlightenment is about everyone being One and everyone being God, not just “me” as an individual being. He likes to say to his students and disciples: “there`s no way to attain enlightenment, what you have to do is to stop attaining non-enlightenment.” Meaning that we are all already enlightened as that is our natural state of being as Souls. Most of us don`t remember it, so the work to do is to stop fighting against it.

One of the episodes of his life where he showed his great compassion, being only 17 years old, was when his brother was shot and killed at a party by a drunk friend. A few days later, during the funeral, the killer wanted to see for himself what he had done, before going to jail. At that moment, Maha jumped on him, held him in his arms hugging him and said several times, “you have to live your life knowing that I forgive you,”  loud enough for everyone in the room to hear. Then he explained how in a difficult and dramatic situation like this, someone should remain in forgiveness and compassion. So he did it.

His main teaching is "there is no darkness." The Sanskrit word for this is aKrshn, which is his actual perception of another great Master Isaiah, from the Bible, to whom he feels very close and linked. He is fond of this passage specifically: Isaiah 9:2 “Those who walked in darkness have seen a great light; those who dwelt in the valley of the shadow of the death, on them has light shined.

Nowadays Maha Vajra lives his life teaching and training Masters in any part of the world where he is invited.


  • In July 2007 he was one of the panelists in the Quantum Mind in Salzburg, Austria organized by the Universitat Salzburg
  • In May 2008 he was a United Nations delegate in Vietnam for the Vesak Celebration.

  • He has been given several Medallion and Challenge coins by several force teams:
  • In 2010 Medallion from SWAT team of Nevada
  • In 2010 Medallion from Sheriff of Douglas County, Minden, Nevada
  • In 2011 Medallion from NASA
  • In 2012 Medallion from Rangers 2nd battalion

  • He´s also author of several books, and composer and founder of Void Orchestra —a project to create spiritual music in different styles. He has composed several styles of music, from symphonic orchestral to dubstep.

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