Kuji-In is a ritual process that encourages the development of body, mind and spirit. It enhances the nervous system, endocrine system, energy channels of the body, mental abilities, comprehension, quickness of body and mind, and open the doors to great spiritual depth. It involves the combination of many tools to focus all of the practitioner’s attention: hand gesture, spoken words, mental visualiz-ation, philosophic contemplation, focus points on the body.
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Shakti Ma

The Shakti Ma cares for everyone by providing opportunities for sharing, learning and transformation. Students who practice the recommended techniques learn to create some influence to affect something in a positive way.

In the Shakti Ma, we combine the basic mantras and techniques taught by Maha Vajra. These skills are arranged in a sequence to help students have a better idea about when to charge what mantra or process. There is no obligation to follow this order; in our tradition, we are free.
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Mystic Knighthood

A Mystic Knight is a man or woman who is virtuous and honorable. He/She behaves with integrity and always elects to act with justice over all other possible options. The way of the Mystic Knight is a continuous path of physical, mental and spiritual self-development. Choosing to walk the path of the Mystic Knight will change your life for the better, empowering you with great abilities and self-trust. It will help you acquire acute senses, both physical and mystical. You will develop a sense of self-worth, a cunning mind, impressive physical attributes and a spiritual energy un-comparable to the simple warrior.
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Void Ørchestra

Void Ørchestra started with Maha Vaj Ra. He's been playing with computer generated music since his early teens,... about 30 years ago.

Being a fan of cinematic music, he started composing symphonic orchestra, with choirs to sing the various holy chants he wanted to enjoy with a more dramatic feel. Since he is fond of philosophy, and there really is no orchestra, Void Ørchestra was a fit name for his musical project.

Over the years, some of his students have been asking him do to electronic music. So he learned the tricks of the electronic trade, and now has a few albums out.
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